Community Activities

Local Residents Cantonese Fellowship

Leeds Chinese School

The Leeds Chinese School provides local Chinese children with the facility to learn to read, write and speak Chinese in the Cantonese dialect. There is also a youth group with bible teaching, games, drama and singing; Christian assemblies with bible stories, activities and songs.

1) Cantonese (traditional Chinese): Elementary to GCSE level,for students aged 5 and above
2) Mandarin (simplified Chinese): Elementary, for students aged 5-7

Where: Leeds Chinese Christian Church, 155 Kirkstall Road, LS4 2AG
When: 1:00pm to 3:30pm during school term time

Annual Fee:
Class one to Pre-GCSE £70
GCSE Class £80

New academic year will start on 17 Sep 2011 (Sat)
For more details please contact Mrs. Winnie Lai 07912510617 Email: